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TUN-CAR India has been manufacturing carbide for industries around the world for over 30 years.Following is the list of satisfied customers.
Advani Oerlikon Ltd. - All factories at Bombay, Ahmednagar, Madras, Raipur, Bangalore and Pune.
Ahura Welding - Coimbatore and Chennai.
D & H Secheron, Indore.
D & H Welding, indore.
Dwekam Electrodes, Indore.
Ewac Alloys Ltd., Bombay.
Esab India Ltd. - Madras, Nagpur & Calcutta.
Honavar Electrodes - Bombay .
Modi Industries - Modi Nagar (Uttar Pradesh).
Weldcraft Pvt. Ltd. - Bangalore.
All Electrode Plant Manufacturers.
  • Sharp Tools - Coimbatore
  • Weldcraft Pvt. Ltd. - Bangalore
  • Kentrode Pvt. Ltd. - Bangalore
  • Deccan Dynamics - Coimbatore
  • Eureka Systems and Electrodes Pvt. Ltd. - Coimbatore
  • Hydromech
  • Advance Systems & Hydraulics - Mumbai

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