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Production Planning Department:

This is where we plan the materials, operation & production for the components on the machines.The priority for work is set according to the data provided by the marketing department. The 3 main functions carried out by our people here are -

(a) Material Planning : This function deals with providing the material against the production work order. The raw materials required for the production are planned and the requisition is sent to the purchase / stores department.

(b) Production Planning: This function deals with planning out the weekly / monthly schedules for all the production activity, including the shaping of raw materials to the finish products by the machines and sending them to Inspection Department. It also analyzes the possible methods of manufacture & tries to define the best method compatible with a given definition of circumstances & facilities.

(c) Process Planning: It deals with the planning of sequences and the type of operation on the particular component of a product. All the operations right from the raw materials to the finished products are stated on the process sheets including tools, jigs, gauges etc.

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