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Quality Control & Inspection Department.

The job of our people at this department is to maintain a particular level of quality at every stage. This is done with a number of inspection Instruments such as gauges, calipers, micrometers, dial gauges, etc.
In this department, jigs, tools, gauges, etc. are inspected for their dimensional as well as functional accuracy.

Inspection: The main objective of this is to collect information regarding the performance of the product with the established standards for the use of engineering production, purchasing & quality control, etc. This is to maintain standards and to protect the consumers from receiving poor quality products.
There are two types of inspection carried out.

(a) Incoming Inspection:
All the rough casings brought from the vendors, rough materials, tools, steel, oil, cotton, gauges, instruments etc. are checked here for dimensional and functional aspects.

(b) Inprocess Inspection :
This type of inspection is done after the completion of each operation. The stage inspection is done on the stage itself.

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