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T. C. Knurled Rings & Grooved Rollers

Like other products manufacture by us, Knurled Rings too ensure smooth operation for longer period. These rings make ideal replacement for the normal steel rings used by the industry. More than 50 Companies have switched over to T. C Knurled Rings after realizing its advantages and many of them have had all their extruder fitted with TUN-CAR Knurled Rings. Also different types of Knurled Rings have been developed by us to suit different types of machines.

T. C. Knurled Rings ensure exact pickup and feeding of wire pieces for coating. Knurled Rings are designed to suit all sizes and types of wire and for any speed operation. Knurled Rings ensure increased production as the downtime for setting and adjustments is reduced. All this translates into most convenient operation of the plant and better use of equipment and time. Grooved Rollers are companions of Knurled Rings and are used in set of two or four. This T. C. product too is a tool for achieving the ideal environment for electrode manufacturing plant.

Knurled Rings
95 mm. dia. x 18 mm.
thickness (12.5 mm. carbide) I.D. 25 mm, keyway 8 x 3 mm.
For Kemtrode, Advance extruders

75 mm. dia. x 18 mm.
thickness (12 mm. carbide) I. D. 17 mm. Keyway 6 x 3 mm.
For Karnal extruders.

Knurled Rings (Full Carbide)
131 mm dia. x 12.5 mm. thickness I.D. 95 mm.

For Esab, Hydromech, Sharptool extruders.

Knurled Rings
110 mm. dia. x 24 mm.
thickness (12.5 mm. carbide) I.D. 20 mm, keyway 6 x 3 mm.

130 mm. dia. x 24 mm.
thickness (12.5 mm. carbide) I. D. 25 mm. Keyway 8 x 4 mm.
For Weldcraft extruders.

Grooved Rollers
95 mm dia. x 18 mm.
thickness (18 mm. carbide) I.D. 25 mm. keyway 8 x 3 mm.
For Advance, Kemtrode extruders.

132 mm. dia. x 12.5 mm.
thickness, I. D. 45 mm. keyway 12 x 4 mm. (single groove)
For Esab Extruders

We make grooved rollers for all types of wire cutting machines on order.

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