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A Supervisor needs to possess or acquire sound technical knowledge (Theoretical and Practical) about the manufacturing processes, plant and equipment under his control. These are just a few pointers on how you can give your best to a very important job -

Planning comes first

  • Be present in your respective Department/ Section, at least 15 minutes before the start of the shift.
  • Go through a log book, day work allocation register & note down the instructions pertaining to the     respective jobs.
  • Discuss important technical points & clarify in person with the next shift supervisors.
  • Ensure that drawings, materials, jigs, fixtures & tools made available at work spot before allotting the job     to the workmen.
  • Keep job allocation sheet so that employees can be allotted work as soon as they check in.

    Communication is essential
  • Interpret the management policies, circulars and bulletins correctly and communicate to your people     efficiently.
  • Keep the management informed of the pressures, common grievances, aspirations and attitudes of the     work group under you.
  • Communicate the company’s goals, objectives, operation practices, productivity and quality standards     expected from each worker.
  • Keep the workers informed on the personnel policies of the company, rules and regulations pertaining to     code of conduct, procedure for handling employee grievances.

    Go for Productivity
  • Communicate about output expected from each person while allocating work and measure/ assess the     actual performance at the end of each shift.
  • Give prompt feed back to the people whose output is below average.
  • Ensure maximum utilization of the company’s resources, men, materials, machines, factory space and     time through effective planning, co-ordination, control and motivation of employees.
  • Aim for the continuous increase in productivity by improvement in work methods/ practices.

    Quality counts
  • Be aware of the quality standards prescribed for the products at the products at the different stages of     manufacture.
  • Make your people quality conscious by educating them on the applicable & non-applicable quality     standards.
  • Give regular feed back and counsel the employees whose quality performance is consistently poor.

    Cost Control
  • Be aware of the direct cost and overheads associated with your Department/ Section.
  • Ensure that jobs/ operations are carried out within the budget, man-hours and costs.
  • Identify the causes of leakage of time and action for reducing the same.
  • Motivate the employees to come forward with the cost cutting ideas and implement the same wherever     necessary. Involve everyone in mastermind suggestion scheme.
  • Maintain records of rework, rectification, rejection and give feed backs to the concerned departments for     necessary improvements in the future.
  • Ensure that the workers will follow healthy practices like stopping the m/c, fans etc., during lunch, shift     ends and when not in use.

  • Explain to each employee the rules and regulations of the company as per the standing order.
  • Firmly deal with the various acts of workmen as per the procedure made by the company.
  • Make the employees self disciplined through counseling. Periodic appraisals, positive motivation and     constructive criticism.

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